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37 Selwyn Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1ED, United Kingdom.
Phone: 0044 7915 156319

Website development and Web Re-Engineering with latest technologies

We undertake building a fresh website for your company from scratch, or make profitable modifications and enhancements to your existing website. Web and application development is our passion. From our experience we thoroughly believe that your business outcome could be effected upto 100% on your company website.

Our specialist consultants are experts in the web site design arena using Adobe design packages and capable in both front-end and back-end developments. We can undertake both php and .net technologies if you already have a website of one of these kinds.

Simply visit our contact us page and send an email with your information.

Rapid Data Management and Anlaysis Application development with Oracle

If you are in a fast-track to get your website or information management application built within short period, you have come to the right place.

We are using Rapid Application Development tools to build high quality professional and reliable solution in relatively short period of time.

E-Commerce Marketing

To get the maximum benefits from your carefully built website, you need to find potential customers before they find your competitor just because you are running lack of online marketing. In today’s highly competitive business industry, online marketing or e-commerce marketing could aid to stay ahead of your competitors by reaching a larger audience with minimal effort.

We have number of ways to create or re-build an online audience for you which in turn will find you for business 24x7.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics Reporting

Search Engine Optimisation is simply getting you into a higher rank when customers search for a business requirement which matches the service(s) you render through a search engine such as Google. This is a crucial factor in deciding the number of traffic flown into your business website, which generates business income.

SEO itself will not be enough but you may like to see how you progress with your new e-commerce business platform. We have experts in manipulating existing data and generate reports such as monthly traffic information, customer demographics, favourite pages or categories, favourite search terms, page flow etc.

Database applications with reporting

We can build database applications using one of Oracle, SQL or MYSQL technologies with the best suitable option for you. These will generate bespoke reports you want from existing information.

Marketing material(Leaflets, Banners, Flyers, Business Cards etc ) Design and printing at affordable prices

Depending on the nature of business, you may also want to initiate a companywide or single entity marketing campaign. We can design and produce variety of marketing material to sooth your requirement such as flyers, business cards, banners etc. We also undertake printing the pre-designed material depending on the quantity and specifications.

Photo design, retouch and printing using Adobe Photoshop

Our designers are experts in Adobe Photoshop. The software itself is a powerful and useful tool in enhancing or designing your photos. Now we have a special service for giving your ordinary photos a touch of heaven to make them look magical. Is that a customised birthday/anniversary/wedding/valentines/baby/Christmas (etc) card you need? Yes we can!

We even undertake recovering and rebuilding of old photos if you have a softcopy or scanned copy of the photo.

Our Values

  • Experienced
  • Transparency
  • Cost effective
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Range of services

Our Mission

"to build the best local business customer network through service excellence and customer satisfaction being a one-stop IT consulting house"